Writing love letters to my children

I am normally the most disorganised person when it comes to particular celebrations in the year.  I remember it on the day or maybe a day before, possibly too late to organise the gift, the card or whatever it is that’s needed, always ending in a rush to the supermarket for a harried purchase.

Not this Valentines! I’ve not only thought about it a week in advance, but organised what I’m getting!

I’ve also included poems I’m writing for the children in it this year (that’s what happens when I get my act together) and I’ve asked a local calligrapher to swirl my words to life on gorgeous paper with cherry red hearts at the end.

Jon has also organised our date night, the grandparents are having the kids and we’re off to the flicks to see the Showman film everyone keeps going on about, better late than never, right?

We’ll eat too much pasta, popcorn and then come home for 10.30 before a sweet night of… sleep, ha! Sleep is still the no. 1 best present anyone could buy me, 9 whole hours is the dream.

I’m the most energetic, fun filled person in the world with 9 hours unbroken sleep.

What are you doing for valentines?




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