WW1 Trench Building – Remembering our heroes

In January we started WW1 trench building. It all started when Harry was looking through YouTube and found Andy Robertshaw, who built a 60ft trench in his back garden.

Feeling inspired

This gave Harry the idea to build his own trench, so he started digging in our back garden before we had to halt proceedings. Our garden is simply not big enough for a trench.

Harry wanted to remember the sacrifice that the soldiers made so we asked Jon’s Dad if we could use the bottom of his garden and he said yes.

This is how far we’ve ,gotten so far. We have a dug-out, a firebay and a bucket toilet.

We hope you enjoy looking at the trench, Harry has learnt loads about The Great War and what every day life was like for the soldiers on the front line.


The materials that we’re using are: wood, corrugated iron (wavy metal), timber pallets, sandbags, original WW1 entrenching tool, garden spade.

Decorating the trench with tins, a first aid kit, ammo box and oil lamp. Next on his list are: a bigger dug-out, get sbr (small box respirator/gas mask),webbings and puttees.

What do you think?

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If there’s enough interest we’ll make a video all about the trench and accessories. Harry wrote to Blue Peter with a WW1 factfile and got awarded a Blue badge.

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