A Somerset walk up Wyndham Hill



Wyndham Hill has been on my list of things to do for YEARS!  Wyndham Hill is part of Yeovil Country Park which covers 127 acres which hugs Yeovil from the southern and eastern parts.


You know the situation, you live in a town so don’t go to the attractions that you drive past everyday.  People who live by the beach don’t go to the beach, and people who live on the farm don’t go walking in the countryside.  Well maybe they do but it’s rare to be a tourist in your own town, we can take some things for granted can’t we?


Wyndham Hill is one such place, a beauty spot in the heart of Yeovil, we drive past it everyday, it’s on our skyline and yet many who live here will not have climbed it.  I am one of them!  So one warm day in July we decided it was time to climb this beautiful hill of ours and be a tourist in our own town.  We took up Somerset walk up Wyndham Hill.

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From the bottom of Wyndham Hill the trees look like two trees, they are in fact four in a square.  The view from the top is stunning with panoramic views across the whole town.

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A selfie with beautiful Yeovil behind me!


Stunning Somerset Wyndham Hill views across the countryside.  It was a really beautiful day and the kids really enjoyed running free.


We had a really great family time, after our trip up the hill we went to Frankie and Benny’s for lunch at Yeo Leisure Park which is at the base of the hill.

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We loved our yomp up Wyndham Hill and walked back via the yellow brick road.  If you decide the climb the hill mind the cow pats, prickly plants and look out for bats and other wildlife!

Do you have somewhere in your area you’ve been meaning to visit for ages?

Much love

Lizzie xo

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