Summer months spent in one’s garden can be particularly wonderful times and pleasant experiences. The pinnacle of a gardener’s arduous work during springtime will be seen and you and your family can enjoy the colours, fragrances and appreciation of everything that was successfully planted in the weeks and months prior.

If the hard work was performed earlier in the year, then several of the gardening tasks required in summer are about sustaining the health and growth of your plants and lawn. In addition, summer is about finding quality time to take a step back and acknowledge and enjoy your endeavours.

While enjoying the summertime in your garden, while not use the following top tips to ensure that your garden is ready for the warmer weather ahead:

Be Water Wise in Summer

Now is the time to prioritise newly established areas that have been planted previously. Try to avoid wasting precious water by putting pots in tanks or using self-watering hanging containers. Irrigation systems are excellent at efficiently utilising water, as long as the timers are set up correctly.

The ideal time to water your lawn and plants is either early morning or later in the evening while still cool. Watering then allows precious water to infiltrate deep into the soil where the plant’s established roots are. However, by watering during the hotter times of the day, you risk losing water to evaporation.

Keep an Eye Out for Those Weeds

Unfortunately, weeds and weeding are inevitable, even in the most well-cultivated gardens. Weeds tend to flourish when the weather gets warmer, so you need to be ready to deal with them.

But there are ways of discouraging them from developing in your garden, and we recommend the following actions:

  1. Apply as much mulch as possible to your flower and plant beds. Not only will you remove weeds from growing where mulch is, but watering is also more effective,
  1. After it rains, always check for weeds to be removed as the soil will be moist, and they will be much easier to remove,
  2. Naturally cultivating your soil in readiness for planting is an excellent antecedent to eliminating pesky weed growth.

Remember to Fertilise

As you are no doubt aware, there are numerous fertiliser types on the market, and a mid-summer application of fertiliser will boost the colour and condition of your garden during the warmest months.

The healthiest gardens always use a fertiliser application during summer, because soil needs assistance with providing sufficient nutrients for both plants, flowers, and especially vegetables and fruit. That mid-summer application will be more than prudent when successfully managing your garden’s growth.

Prune those Shrubs and Bushes

The early summer weeks are the ideal time to prune various springtime flowering shrubs and plants. Prune off or remove the growth that has finished flowering, right down to the outward-facing bud, and along with any damaged branches within the shrub. While on the face value pruning and whittling down your plants reduces their size, it is ideal for promoting natural healthy growth in warmer weather.

Also, routine deadheading will keep your flowers seeming fresh and trim throughout summer.

If You Intend to Plant Annuals, Now is the Time…

If you ran out of time to plant or establish those delicate bedding plants and flowers in May, there is still time to do so – and as soon as you can in June. Please ensure to plant them in ample light to not become tired looking and spindly by being in the shade.

A well-maintained garden will always be very attractive to prospective buyers if you are planning to sell your property. So if you are looking to sell your house soon, maintaining your garden just might be the best way to expedite the selling process.

While many people believe that gardening activities wind down after the last summer days, that idea is further from the truth. Late August is always a crucial time for every budding gardener – harvesting ripened fruits before the appearance of autumn and preparing your garden for the winter season ahead.

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