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Hi Guys, I just wanted to drop in and say hi, I'm really missing this space now, but it's not long until September when my eldest boy will start School.  I need to be with him (in a heart way and in a practical way) and it will swing around soon enough. In the meantime this blog has been ... read more

Five on Friday

London Skyline from the London Eye

Hey friends, It seems an age since I've done a Five on Friday & I have so much more than five things to be thankful for.  I'm loving so much at the moment & I could list five products or five amazing gifts, but for me it's all about experiences & people, rather than 'things'. It's ... read more

Before I Had a Husband

Hey friends, I've been tagged by the lovely Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, a wonderful family / lifestyle blog with lots of blogging tips & inspiration thrown in to boot. The subject this time is 'Before I had a Husband'.  Unlike Aby I met my husband quite late on.  I kissed quite a few frogs ... read more

Rosie’s Baby Shower

baby shower games

Hey friends, My sister Rosie & her husband Jason are expecting their first baby in August.  We couldn't be more excited for them as they begin their journey towards parenthood.  Becca, one of Rosie's best friends from childhood, offered to throw her a baby shower & asked if I'd like to be ... read more

Vlog Stars – Parenting High’s & Low’s

Hey friends, You are either in for a treat or a laugh, either way it's all gravy.  This is my first ever vlog. A vlog is a video log instead of a written blog post.  I've been so nervous about doing one but actually with a bit of encouragement from the linky organisers Aby of You Baby Me Mummy ... read more

Being a Blogger


I was tagged in this post by Aby of You Baby Me Mummy blog in her post Being a Blogger.  I got my thinking hat on because actually being a blogger is quite hard to explain in a lot of ways. Maybe these little nuances will give you an idea of what it's like to be a blogger & in a blogger's ... read more

Somerset Weekend


Hey friends, I thought I'd share a bit about our weekend, a sneak peek into our lives. Jon was away on the men's OAKS weekend away, so me & the kids had the opportunity to go out of routine. We spent the Saturday at the kids work BBQ at Sarah & Rob's, the kids had so much fun ... read more

Feast & Ferret


Short one for this week's Feast & Ferret, it a beautiful day here in Somerset so we'll be outdoors the majority & that means no wifi.  Yes we are in the country. One for the kids & one for the grown up's! Let's go. Feast // Gin & Tonic Lollies Source Need I say ... read more

Happiness Is…

Grass Tractor

Do you remember those cute little cherubs with the title 'Love is...'? I so remember that from my childhood.  70's child fyi. What is Love? What is happiness? To a child it is so innocent & so simple.  I think as adults we miss the point an awful lot. For Sweet Harry today the 1st July ... read more

Feast & Ferret


Happy Friday friends, I love Summer & the food/drink that goes with everything 'sunshine'.  Okay, so it's not exactly tropical here in Somerset, but the temps are set to go up as the first ball falls in Wimbledon. Somerset always feels warmer whatever the weather with Glastonbury Festival ... read more